Sunday, August 03, 2014

MH-17: "The Russians Did It!" (Or... Did They?)

From day one, Western media has stood behind its (virtually pre-cognitive) claim that pro-Russian separatists shot down MH-17 with a missile.  Case Closed.  Before a single investigator even reached the site?  Talk about rushing to judgement: "Putin did it!", cried the chorus.

Among several other relevant questions, the 8/4/14 online (and quite-irritated) issue of Pravda asks...
"What about the Spanish air traffic controller (since disappeared mysteriously)... who said two Ukrainian fighter jets were behind MH-17?"  Pravda claims that there are eyewitnesses who saw the two fighter jets behind MH-17.

In addition, they claim that bullet-holes - both entrance and exit - were observed on the walls of the cockpit.  which begs the question: "If it was shot down by a missile, where'd the bullet holes come from?".  After which, they go on to note that Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jets are equipped with double-barreled, 30-mm guns; anti-tank incendiary shells and explosive shells.

Personally, I tend not to believe a word anyone on either side - and, especially, in the media - has to say.  Sadly, western media has abandoned its long-honored practice of "Fact-Checking".

"Dear News Media: Stop talking out of the sides of your necks - for just a few moments - and wait for the evidence to be sifted through.  Thank you."

The following direct link is to the complete article in Pravda:
MH-17: Will the truth ever be known? - English

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