Thursday, March 13, 2014

No Money for Bold Men - The Shame-O-Meter

On February 28th, Senate "Support Our Troops!" Republicans killed a bill which would have expanded education and healthcare for America's veterans.

When questioned about their decision, they claimed they had no choice, since the VA had such a poor track record concerning services and spending.  The funny (funny strange, not funny Haha) thing about that...  Congressional Republicans didn't find it an obstacle, back in 2008, when they agreed to continue funding the Iraq War - despite the fact that the Pentagon couldn't account for a $15 Billion (with a "B") worth of goods and services.

As an alternative, to prove that they weren't unsympathetic of our troops, those same Senate Republicans offered to pass the bill if they could make one change: add on a bill in support of sanctions against Iran.

'Cause as every Congressional Republican will show you, it's our future veterans that we need to focus on/create a conflict for... not our past millions of them.

That's not all, folks.  Kansas GOP Senator, Jerry Moran, blocked the long-delayed floor debate on the issue of sexual assault in the military, insisting that the debate should be linked to new sanctions against Iran...

What will it take for enough good people to get so fed-up and/or angry and/or disappointed with these piss poor excuses for used car salesmen and fire them for incompetence??  War-mongering??  Dereliction of duty??  How 'bout Fraud??  Fraud sounds good...

No Money for Bold Men - The Shame-O-Meter: The Senate uses Iran sanctions to bring shafting veterans to a whole new level.

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