Saturday, March 15, 2014

Gas Fracking/Oil Drilling In North Dakota: What Could Possibly GLOW Wrong?

Gas Fracking & Oil-Drilling: "It's not just about earthquakes, anymore".

Oil companies overjoyed with their massive fracking/drilling boom in North Dakota are celebrating by throwing confetti... er, no... they're celebrating by throwing socks.

No, I'm not kidding: They're throwing socks away.  Which wouldn't be all that noteworthy if the socks I'm speaking of weren't industrial filter "socks" that are loaded with RADIOACTIVE WASTE.

And, no, of course they aren't throwing them into sealed, radiation leak-proof containers (if such things exist - I don't think so.) and placing them in official radioactive-waste dumps (cringe).

No... These brain-donors are dumping radium-contaminated filter socks - by the many thousands - into industrial waste bags full and then dumping those inside unsuspecting businesses' dumpsters, inside Native American Reservations, inside abandoned vehicles and - in the worst case (sigh), thus far, they filled an abandoned gas station with them.  That one ranks as the worst, human-caused radioactive accident in N.D.  And, again, I say "thus far".

Because these gas/oil guys don't quit.  And (obviously) they don't care.

When you're making that much money, hand over fist, the chorus line goes:

"Drill, baby... Drill...".

*Hey! I have a great idea: Since we all know they won't stop fracking/drilling/polluting, let's make each and every company that does so account for each and every sock filter they purchase!

Taa-daa... Another Problem Solved!

Check out this Happy Fracking video from The Rachel Maddow Show...

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