Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oslo Norway Terror Attack: Right Claims 'Jihadists Did It!'. Perp Is Fundamentalist Christian. US Gun Lobby Doesn't Care

A heinous (and - contrary to Fox News/Murdoch's WSJ/Wash Post's J Rubin's claims - unconnected to Al Quaida/Jihadists) terror attack in Oslo, Norway at the hands of a native Norwegian Anti-Muslim Fundamentalist Christian (!) who bombed government offices, shot 68 people & left 98+ dead, has led to calls for Norway's police to be armed.

*A Simple Truth (recent events prove): Neither a lack of being armed (as in Oslo) nor a lack of restrictive gun laws (AZ/Gifford event - 6 were killed) guarantees anyone's safety.

Yet, despite this well-documented fact, the American gun lobby is now actively co-opting the horrific acts in Oslo as evidence to support their call for more guns and fewer (if any) restrictions on carrying them - even to the point of collecting signatures for current House (extremist) legislation ("national right to carry reciprocity act") that - if passed - would allow civilians to concealed-carry across state lines... Regardless of the second State's own laws.

Hello?  Congress?  GOP members of Congress?  Uh, what the heck happened to all your adamant promises of "Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!" - should you be elected?  Well, enough of you were (regretfully) elected and you've done what...?

Nope.  Not one (nor any) of you has proposed - let alone passed - a single, itty-bitty Jobs Bill.

You haven't even bothered to propose a pitifully-lacking, token-gesture, just-going-through-the-motions 'Jobs Bill'... not even one that includes riders for more tax cuts for your stunningly-wealthy friends, corporate campaign contributors and your trusty fellow wall-street weasels.

Huh?  Go figure... Maybe what they meant to say when they were campaigning was: "Jokes! Jokes! Jokes!", instead?

Psst... And, to all of the right-wing bobble-headed broadcast and print media wing-nuts who charged, blindly, whilst carrying their eternally-burning Torches of Bigotry onto the "The Jihadists did it!" Bandwagon with oodles of uniformed and passionately-ignorant gusto...

F.Y.I.: Neither convicted American terrorist Tim McVeigh nor "Unabomber" Ted Kaczynski were Jihadists, either.

I have a question for those Not-Really "The News" people: If all of your 'friends' were to jump off the Empire State Building...

I hope you enjoy this brief clip from last night's (7/25/11) The Rachel Maddow Show (with guest host Melissa Harris-Perry).

From the Oslo, Norway (Fundamentalist Christian) Terror Attack to The US Gun Lobby's & Reactionary Congressional Right-Wingers' Self-Serving and Public-Endangering Response:

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