Wednesday, July 20, 2011

House Republicans Willful Refusal To Raise Debt Ceiling: Is It A Bluff?... Or Treason?

Congressional House Republicans have been ignoring/downplaying/denying what not only would be but, in fact, already are some significantly damaging effects of their party's unwavering refusal to raise the debt ceiling...

What they don't seem to understand is that, by their uncompromising action (or inaction) and the single motivation/intention behind it (if they actually follow through with the threat) they will, ultimately, go down in history as being the sole cause of America going into default...

Unless, that is, they're just Huffing & Puffing & Bluffing (A likely scenario - one which is already causing unnecessary damage to our economy and our nation.).

Regardless, they're being silly.

Well, no... they've been silly. Now they're being ridiculous...

*No, Representative Mo Brooks (R.) of Alabama ~ The United States Of America's global credit rating will most definitely NOT improve if House Republicans cause our country to go into default (And, may I add: "...You Moron.").

Recently, when thousands of Americans defaulted on their home loans, I didn't hear of a single bank or mortgage company that raised their credit ratings as a reward for doing so... did you?

The Simple Reality is simply this: These (irrational? incompetent?) GOP assholes will (obviously) stop at nothing - including potentially throwing our economy into yet another tailspin - if they think it will reflect badly on our sitting Democratic President.

That's been their unabashed, self-proclaimed goal from day one - not "Jobs. Jobs. Jobs."

Simply Put: Actions speak louder than words.

Stop listening to all the rehearsed rhetoric.

Do one simple thing: Look at/Watch their actions (or inaction).

I don't know about you (though I'm certain that I'm not alone) but I have One Word  for their abhorrent behavior: Treason.

Here's a brief clip from the July 20, 2011 The Rachel Maddow Show. It includes a quick diary entry penned by the one and only late President Ronald Reagan - on the day he'd met with an up-till-then uncooperative Congress about raising the debt ceiling during his Administration (they did so 18 times in that period).


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