Tuesday, July 19, 2011

News Of The World, News Corp, News America & Rupert Murdoch: "Hacking, What Hacking?" (Ethics? What Ethics?)

Contrary to what Scandal-Ridden News Corp says...

And, contrary to what News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch, his son James and the recently arrested former editor of News Corp's News International, Rebekah Brooks, are undoubtedly going to claim when they testify (*perjure) themselves before Parliament, today...

The raging and utterly-disgusting Phone Hacking Scandal going on right now in Great Britain involving News Corp's now defunct 'News Of The World' was absolutely NOT an "isolated incident".

And, not only was it Not isolated exclusively to the birdcage liner that was 'News Of The World'... It was not and is not an isolated incident 'across the Pond' in Great Britain.

The Unencumbered-By-Ethics & Morally-Bankrupt Mega Media-Monopoly Monstrosity commonly known as "News Corp" has worked non-stop for its hard-earned record "longer than anyone's arm" of unethical & illegal business behavior, computer espionage (with enormou$ out-of-court $ettlements being paid) and Hacking that includes our Beloved United States Of America and Small Businesses in America, too.

Just ask New Jersey...

Bad News Corp!... Bad Rupert Murdoch!... Very, Very Bad!

Want Proof? Here's Proof:
(From Monday, July 18, 2011's TRMS)

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