Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gravity Is Like SF's MUNI: Frequently Helpful. But, Sometimes, It Really Sucks.

Everyone's familiar with that ol' quote that declares: "Nothing in Life is certain but Death & Taxes." - right?
Well, I'm hereby making a well-deserved (and proven) addition to that itty-bitty little list.
There's another thing in Life that's certain and this is it:  If you ride a skateboard, it is absolutely certain that you're gonna wipe-out, eventually. (And yet again (eventually) after that. And again (at some point) after that; etc., etc.).
Many skateboarders may - in fact - enjoy being wipe-out free for weeks; months (I was); perhaps even years...
But, eventually, as with the aforementioned D. & T. - It's just gonna happen.
It's an unwritten law (like the "Law of Gravity"). It's understood by those of us who love skateboarding. And to us, obviously,  it's worth it ("Give Blood: Ride A Skateboard.").
Case-in-point: Yours Truly this Monday afternoon. And, I must admit... it was a good one.
*Only one witness, Thankfully (He was great).
What happened?
Well, here's a Clue: As of Monday afternoon, I'm considering ditching my beloved lace-up Vans for some with SK8 shoes with Velcro closures.
'Nuff said. :)
Details later...

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