Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant vs Missouri River: Everything's Fine... (Not.)

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant vs Missouri River...

Fort Calhoun had been using 8ft., inflatable "aqua-dams" in an attempt to prevent the rising floodwater from the Missouri River from repeating a series of events similar to those which recently led to Japan's significant and ongoing nuclear disaster at Fukushima (the tsunami knocked out the power; stopping the flow of massive amounts of water necessary to keep everything cool; leading to cores/rods overheating; leading to nuclear melt-downs/throughs.).

At Fort Calhoun on Sunday, crews working near the aqua-dams "brushed against one" and punctured it, which caused the one dam to collapse. The collapse of the dam allowed floodwater to reach Fort Calhoun's turbines & transformers (keeps water flowing/cools everything).

Official Statement: "Everything's fine. The aqua-dams weren't key to safety, they were an extra."

Oh, really?

If that's True...

Then how is that - with the collapse of that one aqua-dam - 2ft of the Missouri River managed to get through the cement barrier placed around the transformers? The very cement barrier that's not "extra" and is in place specifically to keep floodwater away from the plant's transformers? This breach then forced Fort Calhoun to disconnect from the power grid... which meant they had to switch to diesel-powered generators (Is this sounding familiar, yet?)?

Fukushima lost power. Then lost their generators. During the disaster, plant officials behaved very much like British Petroleum officials after the oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, leading to one of the worst (if not the worst) oil spills on record: The officials played down how serious the events were and what had resulted; they intentionally provided false figures/information about what was happening to those who were trying to help; they lied, repeatedly; they denied, repeatedly; they turned down/away help.

The end result in Fukushima: 3 Nuclear Melt-downs (and, possibly, Melt-throughs).

The Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant is now Two Feet below the current level of the Missouri River.

And, the consistent statement made by Fort Calhoun officials: "Don't worry everything's fine."

Yeah, right. (Initially, Fukushima officials had said pretty much the same thing.)

(From last night's TRMS)


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