Monday, August 08, 2016

Darth Obama Signs The 'Dark Act': Are YOU Pro-GMO? Or Pro- RIGHT TO KNOW?

ICYMI:  President Barack Obama just signed the 'DARK ACT' into federal aw.

This law now preempts (The Great State Of) Vermont's hard-fought and hard-won (Hello? They beat Monsanto!) mandatory labeling of GMOs and takes away - from Every Single American - our Basic Human Right-To-Know what is and what is not in our food supply and in our groceries.
Monsanto (You bastards!) and the GMA (Grocery Manufacrturers A**hole-ciation) spent around $400 Million over the last four years to make this happen.
We've been fighting against it.  We are continuing to fight against it.  And, we will not surrender.

I've joined an organization that's continuing to Fight The Good Fight. We're Buy-cotting Monsanto (and all of it's subsidiaries) and every single grocery manufacturer who was involved in this Monsanto-made dastardly dietary disaster... and I'm inviting/urging all of YOU to join me!
Here's what I said when asked why I joined:
"I'm absolutely sickened and hugely pissed-off that President Obama stood up and, then, folded like a spineless piece of paper and signed the 'Dark Act' into law.
I'd expect something like that from any corporate-crony Republican, but I, honestly, hadn't expected it from Obama.

After all, back in 2007, he swore that he'd fight for Americans' Right-To-Know about GMOs!
But, by turning turn-coat and signing this bill, President Obama has consciously and intentionally betrayed all Americans - every single man, woman and child - and has shown us all who he's really working for - and ("Hello?!) it isn't for 'The Common Good'!
Shame on YOU, Mr. President!
What good is a national healthcare system, if 'We, The People' are being intentionally, unwittingly, involuntarily and systematically-poisoned by a GMO-tainted food supply? (Rhetorical Question.)

By signing this bill into federal law, President Obama has - All By His Lonesome - rendered Obamacare moot (after a big slobbering, lobbying push from Monsanto & the GMA**holes).
What makes this betrayal especially excruciating is that there can be no doubt, whatsoever, that President Obama has done this to all Americans - All Of US - and has done so exclusively to benefit a greasy group of pathologically-greedy, ethically-stunted and morally-bankrupt corporations and their shareholders.
His actions make me want to throw-up ( ...where the hell's a Monsanto shareholder when you need one?).
Monsanto must be Terminated. GMOs must be GM-NOs. The Dark Act must be destroyed. And, all of those who were involved in creating the 'Dark Act', supporting it, lobbying for it and who are - only very temporarily - celebrating it must be exposed, publicly-humiliated, shunned and/or kicked out of political office, for good.
Thank you."
As you can see, I'm a wee bit perturbed by this... and understandably so, I think.

And, I sincerely hope YOU are perturbed, too!

Now, Please, Sign-Up, Share & Take Action:

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