Saturday, February 04, 2012

GOP May Claim Its War On Unions Is "All About Economy/Jobs"... No. It. Isn't.

Wisconsin was the 1st state in which a Republican-led legislature and GOP Governor focused all their efforts into destroying union rights/collective bargaining - claiming that, "It's all about the economy.".

And - Surprise! Surprise! - It wasn't.

Since then, several other states sadly stuck with Republican-led state legislatures and/or Republican Governors have followed in (soon to be voted out of office) WI Governor Scott Walker's footsteps.

Ohioans recently forced a repeal of their Governor's anti-union legislation.

Now, Arizona's Republican legislators are, apparently, overflowing with inspiration and motivation following a visit from WI's shameless Governor Scott Walker - who lectured them about making "... fundamental and permanent changes...".

Arizona's Republican-led government is blasting their own uniquely extreme version of union-destroying legislation through it's halls... And, it's already reached their Governor's desk.

And, as you probably guessed... They, too, are claiming: "It's about jobs.".

(*Sigh)... Once more, with feeling: No. It. Isn't.

Enjoy this brief clip from The Rachel Maddow Show that sums up the whole nationwide, organized, GOP-led plan to permanently damage the fundraising abilities of the Democratic Party by destroying union rights/collective bargaining.

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