Tuesday, February 21, 2012

GOP-Led States/House Give Up On Gays To Go After Women's Va-Jay Jays!

With Hellfire-fueled hubris propelling them out of the starting gate (Discourse be Damned)... Observed teetering - only slightly - due to the freakish expansion of their craniums (yet tragically, not the brains within) and in the wake of widespread GOP majority wins in several states and in the House of Representatives... The countless oaths sworn that they would - if elected -  focus on "Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!" were unceremoniously dumped (like fleetingly-revered Christmas Trees abandoned/forgotten on sidewalks) once they were elected.

Still, times had been a' changing. Perspectives, too. The GOP was forced to accept some hard Truths. Fact: Policies discriminating against gays and lesbians were being repealed. Fact: Nationwide, Americans were more supportive of Gay Rights and Same Sex marriage. Fact: No matter how hard they prayed, gays and lesbians weren't going away. So, what's a political juggernaut composed primarily of intolerant, blindingly-white, Viagra/Cialis -popping, 99%er old men to do?

The same thing they've always done: Demonize someone who isn't them. In this case, they chose a long-time favorite target: Women.  Target chosen, they moved on to legislation: Bill after bill after bill (... after bill) began appearing in both state legislatures and in the House that made no mention of "Jobs", but were disturbingly detailed and specific about demonizing and de-funding life-saving providers of women's health-care and family-planning for the middle-class and poor (often shamelessly utilizing Iraq War-worthy fabricated "factoids"). "Person-hood" initiatives?. And now... Some GOP-laden state legislatures are trying to Force women who want an abortion to undergo State-Mandated, Invasive, Medically-Unnecessary, AMA, ultrasound, first!

Hey... Can I get that in an 8x10 Glossy?

*Shame On You Virgina! *Shame on You Pennsylvania!

All of which leads me to bring you this important announcement:

As of Today, February 21st, 2012, all across our Great Nation, I hereby declare that the GOP's standard Call To Arms: "God, Guns and Gays!" is for now and for the foreseeable future (or until after the 2012 Elections) updated so that it more accurately reflects the GOP's current "Most Wanted".

Drum roll, please...
The new version is as follows:

"God, Guns, Gays and Va-Jay Jays".

Can I get an "Amen!"?

Please enjoy this brief clip from The Rachel Maddow Show (guest:: Dahlia Lithwick Senior Editor Slate Magazine.)

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