Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Victim of Bullying A Web Hero! Have YOU Body-Slammed A Bully Today?!

A Warning To Bullies Everywhere:

No matter how big and bad you think you are - there's going to be someone bigger and badder than you.

And, there's this (I'm speaking now as a former bullied kid):

You think you're getting away with... you do it all the time... anytime... to anyone...

And well, hell, no one's raised a finger to stop you.

And (contrary to what nearly every single adult suggest kids do in these situations), of course, they won't tell on you, won't be tattle-tales, won't rat you out.
(You know that they're afraid they'd get worse if they did.)

No one's told (Yet.).

So, you go on bullying.
Saying all kinds of ugly, nasty, hurtful things... inflicting physical pain, humiliation and embarrassment... causing tears to fall... drawing blood... touching...

And all the while, you think you're on top... you're unstoppable... Top o' the food chain.

You're confident that they're all afraid... terrified even... that they could be they next one targeted by you... and well, sure, that may seem True... at the moment.

But, I'd like to point out that, just in case you weren't aware:

Still waters not only run deep...  They often run... Dark.

In those situations where one's being subjected to emotional and physical torment (often repeated/prolonged) and the victims feel powerless to stop it - they can't physically overtake their abuser...

And well, yeah, everybody hates a Rat... so, telling anyone's out.

In such situations, pig-headed bullies can never really know if or when someone who has been bullied, ridiculed and abused - often mercilessly and often for years...
Someone the bully and others think is already destined to be a victim for the rest of their life...

They just will never know when that "victim" is going to reach a moment when something inside them snaps... goes "click"...

 And, the victim just doesn't care anymore. They just don't want to hurt anymore.
And, they're gonna make it all stop... Now.

(Example: Columbine High School. Those two boys were victims of repeated/prolonged bullying. They reached that point. They'd had enough. It was going to stop. And, everyone who'd participated in/laughed at their misery would be sorry.)

What victim of perpetual bullying hasn't wanted to blow away his abusers?

So, consider yourselves warned, assholes.

Bullying Sucks!

I think I'll get bumper-stickers made:  "Have YOU Body-Slammed a Bully Today?!"
(If you haven't, that's O.K., you've got plenty of time left.)

Why am I Blogging about Bullying?  You might ask...

Because of this Awesome story that's come out of Australia (with video, of course):

The video was captured in an, apparently, unsupervised area of a school and shows one chubby boy getting bullied (punched in the face and torso) and taunted by another, scrawnier, boy as other kids watch and laugh at his situation.

The attack goes on for a few moments - until the former "victim" reaches that moment when he's finally had enough.

He's taken the abuse and the taunts and he's turned the other cheek and he's walked away and there's just no end in sight.  So...  Well, you'll see...

All I have to say is: "Go Casey!"

You'll find the article and video at the link below:
(From: The Daily Telegraph.com.au)


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