Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Porpoise rescued from rice field after Japan tsunami

Pet shop owner Ryo Taira rescues the young fin-less porpoise from a flooded rice paddy two km (1mi) inland. (AFP/Asahi)

(Yess!) I just found this golden nugget of Good News originating from tsunami-devastated Sendai, Japan (Insert visual of me doing the "Happy Dance", here):

Japanese animal rescue volunteers have saved a porpoise from a rice field after it washed two kilometres inland by the March 11 tsunami.

Ryo Taira and his group were in the devastated area around Sendai rescuing cats and dogs when they received a phone call that took them a while to comprehend, the Asahi daily reported.

"There's a dolphin in the rice fields!" said the caller, Masayuki Sato, 55, confusing the baby porpoise with the similar-looking sea mammal.

The volunteers rushed to the site at nearby Ishinomaki, where they saw the animal - a finless porpoise or Neophocaena phocaenoides - wriggling in a flooded rice field.

Read the rest of this inspiring (and brief) rescue story, here:

Enjoy (I certainly did)!

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