Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan's Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant: Where 3 Isn't Company - It's A Catastrophe.

As if you didn't need anymore reasons to dislike Mondays...

As if the devastating 8.9 quake and subsequent tsunami in Japan, followed shortly thereafter by the news (with video) of an explosion at the building housing a nuclear reactor at one of Japan's 50 nuclear plants wasn't enough...

Here's an update:
There are three reactors at Fukushima's Dai-ichi nuclear power plant which are now facing possible meltdown.

This Is Not A Drill, People.

Gee. No... G.E., actually.
(As in "General Electric") :P

What does GE have to do with any of this? You might ask...
Well, in some I-wish-I-could-say "surprising news", it turns out there have long been known vulnerabilities with GE's Mark 1 containment structures - such as are found in the three Japanese reactors which are now creeping - like tectonic plates - toward Epic (not to mention avoidable) Man-Made Disaster Status.

Here's an enlightening - if not irritating article on the matter from The Guardian (thankfully not - I hope - a subsidiary of corporate blob GE):

Pray... Think "Good Thoughts"... Whatever feels "right" to you.

Looking On "The Bright Side"...
Here's hope and optimism that, at the very least, the horrible man-made disasters we are now experiencing - ones which followed what were - without exception - inevitable (if not predictable) natural disasters will usher in The End Times for the nuclear power industry.


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