Friday, February 11, 2011

"There's Something In The Soul That Cries Out For Freedom (MLK) ~ Egypt Is Free! (Victorious Egyptians)

Breaking News From Egypt:

It's been 18 days since the beginning of spontaneous and growing non-violent protests and demands for Real Change - For Democracy - which have rocked Egypt and left 300 people dead...

And now... after having, apparently, finally accepted what was - for him - the most difficult-to-swallow fact that the people of Egypt would not be denied their Freedom... President Hosni Mubarak (who has been in office for 30 years - since the assassination of Anwar Sadat) Has Stepped Down.

We Are Witnessing History...

As President Obama remarked, "There's Something In The Soul That Cries Out For Freedom." (Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.).

As I understand it, the word "Tahrir" Means "Liberation" and I'm Happily Celebrating (despite tears filling my eyes) - not only with the beautiful and  brave men and women of Egypt (both in Tahrir Square and across their nation) - but also with every Freedom-Loving person who declared/showed their support from around the entire world - The Liberation of the Egyptian People from tyranny and the Inspirational and Undeniable Success of their Non-Violent Revolution.

Hearing the official announcement of Mubarak's imminent departure, joyous and victorious protesters were heard to cry out: "Egypt Is Free!"  "Egypt Is Free!"

Egypt Is Free.

Power To The People.

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