Friday, February 18, 2011

Apathetic Americans: Please Take A Lesson From The Inspiring People Of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin's Republican Governor Walker and Republican State Legislators are in the midst of a Modern Day Witch-hunt... A Union-Busting, Democratic Campaign Donation-Eradicating Witch-hunt.

It appears that they thought that if they:
A.)Lied about the reasons for their actions. and if they

B.) Steam-rolled and strong-armed their anti-middle class legislation through like greased lightning...

Well, no one would figure out what they were doing... at least not in time to stop them.

Their Goal: To Destroy Labor Unions*. (*Except for the 3 who backed Walker's election campaign.)
Yep, No more organizing.  No more collective bargaining for workers.  And, workplace safety?  Well, it's safe... enough... It looks safe...

Their (Publicly stated) Reasoning/Justification:  To Fix Wisconsin's $100+ Million budget deficit.

That sounds "Reasonable", except...

The Elephant(s) in the Room: 1.) Wisconsin is expecting to have a budget surplus this year.  2.) Governor Walker just gave away $140 Million (Dollars) in tax breaks to businesses. And 3.) Nowhere in all of the fiscally-influential and utterly fiscally inert items in the legislation are Wisconsin's top 2%-ers  being forced to give anything up.

This union-busting crusade is specifically targeting state workers and the middle class. (Ugh.)

*And. similar anti-labor legislation is being (far too quietly) proposed and passed in other states as well.

This is Not a Good Thing, America.  (Sigh.)

But, wait... Hold on... All is not lost.  Not by a long shot...

The Good News:  The Wisconsin Legislature's Democrats have collectively went AWOL - they left the state of Wisconsin - in order to stall the bill/prevent a quorum (Since neither Walker nor the GOP legislators were willing to talk/discuss/negotiate/reconsider/etc.... Anything... Leaving was the only strategy left. The Dems wanted to give time to the people of Wisconsin to hear about what's Really Going On and to understand how - if passed - it will affect them.

And, In Even Better News:  The Great People of Wisconsin aren't simply rolling over and letting this happen.
They aren't saying, "Oh well. What can I do about it?  I'm only one person.", and giving in and surrendering.


Apathetic Americans: Please Take A Lesson From The Inspiring People Of Wisconsin.

And, why don't you get in the ring, Governor Walker...
And face the 25,000+ Wisconsin citizens who figured out what was about to be done to them - without even being asked for their input... who got angry and active and who've organized and gathered and are protesting at Wisconsin's state capital (and several other cities).

I Salute You, Wisconsin

(From last night's TRMS: The Details) Enjoy!


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