Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Bane Of The GOP And Of Congress: House Majority Speaker John Boehner

Post Mid-Term Elections: Republicans snookered enough voters to take a majority of seats in The House Of Representatives.

The reigning GOP leadership - individually and collectively - made a point to declare before the press and for-the-record that: The Republican Party is "... all about Jobs. Jobs. And Jobs.".

O.K., so be it.  Make it so, Mr. Speaker. Create more jobs for Americans. Like you promised you would.

So... What have they/has he accomplished?

Well... one and one-half months into the GOP-controlled House's legislative activities (Drum Roll, please)...

There hasn't been even a single Jobs-Creating Bill proposed.

But, hey, the House Republicans have managed to propose a total of Three (3) sweeping anti-abortion bills.
 (Yippee? Sigh. Nah.)

And, most recently, at a press conference that Mr. Boehner, himself, called together...
Referring to his GOP-controlled House's blatant inability to pass urgently-needed budget legislation (required before March if we are to keep our government up and running - despite the fact that the legislation has been rendered virtually immobile from the 400 Amendments members have tacked onto it - of which only 4 have been discussed)...

John Boehner flatly stated that, "If this (the GOP's current inability to pass the budget) causes people to lose jobs - well, then, so be it."

Yes, Mr. "Jobs. Jobs. Jobs" actually said that if his and his fellow GOP House members' incompetence at their jobs happens to result in other hard-working Americans losing their jobs... "Well, Then, So Be It".

Before the press, on-camera and on-the-record.

Well, I suppose that we can/should - at the least - be thankful that he didn't simply start blubbering and bawling, as he has often done before cameras in the recent past.

Nope... This time the Republican Party's Number 1 Guy came across as "The Iceman": Cold and utterly unencumbered by a little thing human beings refer to as "Compassion".

Hey, at least he's consistent: Mr. Boehner consistently declares that he'll do one thing and, then, he doesn't... again and again and again.

Keep showing America your True Colors, John!

Here's a brief clip from TRMS with the facts/details... Enjoy!

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