Thursday, April 27, 2017

9/11: Explosive Evidence (PBS Documentary) And, How 9/11 Could Have Been Prevented

ICYMI:  It's become quite apparent that - following the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole and, after Alec (CIA) Station's infiltration of a "Terror Summit" held in Malaysia (sometime around 1998-99 and prior to 9/11) that...

Then-CIA Director George Tenet, two of his closest allies (Cofer Black, Richard Blee) and around 50 to 60 other CIA officials knowingly withheld urgent intelligence information from both the (G.W.) Bush and the Clinton White Houses, the FBI, as well as Immigration, the State and the Defense Departments on two known Al-Qaeda operatives (and, later, 9/11 hijackers)  - named al-hazmi and al-mihdhar - both of whom who had entered the United States a year and a half before the attacks and were living in San Diego under their real names.  (Source: Fmr. White House Counter-Terrorism chief,  
Richard Clarke)

There was one honest FBI agent (on loan to CIA) with integrity (Doug Miller) who had learned of the CIA's knowledge of the two Al-Qaeda men's presence on American soil and who had, immediately, drafted a cable with the reasonable intention of informing the FBI of this dangerous situation.  Tragically, delivery of that cable was intentionally stopped by another CIA official (identified as Tom Wilshire). Supposedly, this was done because the CIA was hoping to recruit them (Fail.)
. *

(*In other words:  Had the CIA actually shared intelligence (Gasp!) with the FBI in a timely manner... then, the FBI possibly could have prevented 9/11...  and all of the chaos, mayhem, loss of rights & privacy, loss of life (mind you, there were massive losses of life in Afghanistan and Iraq) and the enormous debt.  Oh, wait... AND, the (previously non-existent) spread of Al-Qaeda.  ("Mission Accomplished!", huh?)

Oh yeah... and, later, that same cable was 'accidentally' withheld from the 9/11 Commission's investigations.  Go figure!

Fast forward to 2004: President George W. Bush awards George Tenet the U.S. Medal of Freedom...(sigh).

So...YES!  Without a doubt - No Matter How Painful They May Be To Learn - History and The Truth DO Matter!

And, I - for one -firmly believe You CAN Handle The TRUTH.

So... Check THIS Out...

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