Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dog Lovers ALERT:

Just found this article.

The Controversy Over Menadione In Dog Food

I was researching the ingredients in a Purina Brand Dog Food ("Beyond All-Natural Dog Food: Superfood Blend") because my 1-yr. old puppy began dripping blood everytime he pooped and sometimes when he didn't.

I make Tyler the Pup's food from scratch (Turkey/ground beef, kale, sweet potato) and, occasionally, I add some Premium dry kibble.

Normally, as a rule, I would NEVER use Purina or any other by-product-/synthetic ingredient- containing commercial pet food brands - but, I ran out and my Mom, unfortunately, bought this home.

I was recovering from surgery, so I was only going to use it for a few days, until I was able to get to the store and buy a dry kibble brand that I'd researched and knew to be much better.

A Red Flag went up when Tyler began leaking blood drops when he relieved himself. Sometimes, he would stop, squat and push - hard - and only blood drops would come out.  I knew it couldn't have been from the food that I was making.

So, it had to be the Purina Brand Kibble!

Immediately, I stopped adding the Purina Kibble and Tyler stopped crapping blood!

If you buy commercial food for your companion-animals, PLEASE read the ingredient label.

And, look up any ingredients that are multi-syllabic or sound like synthetic chemicals!

Especially ones like menadione (synth Vit. K3) - which the FDA BANNED in Human supplements!

There's no good reason to use synthesized vitamins that are banned from human consumption in our beloved companion animals' food!

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