Thursday, May 14, 2015

Everytime I shop for clothing or accessories in one of those high-end department stores, I find myself becoming more disheartened, disgusted and depressed.
Has Anyone Else Noticed That The Quality/Workmanship Of Many Designer Labels Has Gone Down. 
And, Significantly So?
Yet The Prices Of Their Products Are The Same As When They Were "Made In Italy" Or "Made In France"?
The Designers Get Cheap Labor and Save/Make Millions Of Dollars More In Profits.
While We Get: Ripped Off.
I Hate That.
Whatever Happened To "Getting What You Paid For"?
When I Pay For Quality, I Expect To Get It.

Hello? Designer Clothing/Accessory Manufacturers?
Either Get The Quality/Workmanship Back Up To Par... Or, Lower The Damn Prices!
If Only Consumers Would Boycott Designers Who Rip. Them. Off.
Here's 7 Examples:

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