Sunday, November 23, 2014

Virgin Mary? Project Blue Beam? Nah. It's Only A Psy-Ops Field Test (Video)

April 20th, 2011. Ivory Coast.  Daylight (although the vid is darkened).

In the midst of a strange plume of smoke/fog.  In front of hundreds of people.  At 1:23 (in the vid), there appears to be a flash and then a diamond-shaped object.   Or, is it an apparition?  Is it a UFO?   Is it the Virgin Mary?

No.  It's neither.  It's... a projection!  
Holographic or otherwise on the smoke/fog (also manufactured).  You can clearly see the beam projected at various points.  (They were going to do the same exact thing in Cuba years ago.)

Also, at 2:06, there's a luminous cross that appeared in the skies over Russia.  A Miracle?  No.  A fabrication.  A projection.

Who's behind it?  I'd wager it's Uncle Sam.   Or, one of those nasty 3-letter agencies testing people's reactions to stimuli/trying to manufacture mass hysteria/messing with people's heads (aka "Psy Ops").  Remember: they have endless resources and little to no oversight.  And, they are obsessed with controlling people (Cue: Jeopardy's final-round music).

An interesting coincidence:  I just so happen to be reading Jacques Vallee's "Revelations", in which he describes how some compartmentalized offshoots of the U.S. intelligence community and/or military have, apparently, carried out similar - though much more complex - operations and encouraged those who witnessed the events to believe they were observing UFOs/alien contact.  Cultivating cults, perhaps?

And, it's not solely American-made.  Such operations have also taken place in Spain, France, etc.

Your tax dollars at work, America!

(P.S.~ Question Everything.)

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