Sunday, June 27, 2010

GASLAND is Your Land, GASLAND is My Land. Why You Need To See this HBO Doc.

Greetings from Deep In The Heart of GASLAND!

I came across this Trailer for the HBO Documentary "Gasland" on YouTube.

As I understand it, this stunning Documentary is also available via On Demand.

Now, I don't have HBO nor On Demand (that I know of), but I am determined to find a means of seeing this documentary and I sincerely hope that you do as well.

I'd watched a terrific interview with director Josh Fox on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart before seeing the Trailer on YouTube.

When I glanced down into the Comments Section under the GASLAND Trailer, one of them caught my eye... and the attention of my insta-rage...

Some dork-among-us had whined on and on about Gasland's director, Josh Fox, being a "... an ultra left-wing, eco-extremist who wants to bring our reliance on fossil fuels to a complete halt and replace them with environmentally-sound, renewable energy sources." (or something to that effect).

Considering that such actions are not, in any way, a bad idea - particularly in the face of the continuing BP/DWH eco-pocalypse in the Gulf of Mexico and surrounding states ...

Here is my response to that dorky comment(er) and the GASLAND Trailer is below it.


"It doesn't matter where Gasland's Josh Fox is on some dumb scale of L-to-R. If companies like Halliburton are are offering large payouts to lease land w/out informing people that they'll leave a toxic wasteland with indoor plumbing that's highly-flammable behind and they're using methods of natural gas extraction which poison the air we breathe & our precious, finite, potable water sources... Then, not only must they be stopped, they must clean the messes they've left and pay for damages."

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