Wednesday, April 08, 2009

It's SOUL-WOW! It's Not New! It's Not Improved! Get That "... Just Baptized Feeling!"

Introducing... SOUL-WOW!!
It's (not) New! It's (not) Improved!
(And, it's definitely not for the claustrophobic.)
Come On In To Our Church And Put Your Bad Booty In Our Incredible Confessional!
It Seats One!
It Gets Your Grimy Soul Sparkling Clean!
It's Economical!
We Have Locations Throughout Your City!
And, As An Extra Added Bonus...
Keep Coming Back Throughout Your Lifetime And Confess All Of Your Sins and We'll Reward You With What...?
That's Right... Absolution! :o

I happened to be listening to ABC's World News Now (The Late Late News Show) last night while working on my upcoming eBay listings.

If you want to catch up on "the news", but can't stand the sight or sound of anymore plastic network people, the painfully-stiff narratives, the smarmy stuffed shirts and - worst of all - the horrible, yet hilarious, Helmet Hair...

Then, WNN might just be the news show for you!
Jeremy and Vinita are WNN's Dynamic Desk Duo.
Their delivery is casual and friendly... it's utterly conversational. Which means it is nothing like the bloodless, we're-all-frenemies-here banter squawked during what would otherwise be Dead-Air on most TV news broadcasts. (I think I'd prefer the dead-air.) Jeremy and Vinita move around in their chairs and around the set... They make completely natural movements with their arms and legs... They tell jokes... They even make personal comments on some of the stories/segments! Gasp! It's really quite refreshing.

And, although the curls of Vinita's lovely hair can actually be seen moving on her shoulders... I must admit that Jeremy's hair, on the other hand, might pass a wind-tunnel test with flying colors.

But, I digress.

They happened to mention last night that the Catholic Church is now uploading videos to YouTube in an effort to market itself to young people. (When you're running out of the old... how do you bring in the new?)

Not that there's an ice cube's chance in Hades that I'd set a foot in a church... (Well, not one of mine, anyway...) I just had to stop working for a minute to check it out.

I was half expecting to see a somewhat out-of-touch attempt by a white-haired man-of-the-cloth to guilt viewers into returning that included quoting scripture. (Guilt, after all, is one of their fortes.)

Not even close.

I was surprised and even amused at what I saw and I think you will be, too.

It's called:

SOUL-WOW. (Like the Infamous "Sham-Wow" infomercial.)

As I watched the video, I could imagine the now-defunct, but often brilliant, Mad TV doing something like this as a spoof.

Pun definitely intended...

In the few memorable words of Sarah Palin: "I kid you not."

Check it out and Enjoy... But, remember... It's an Infomercial.

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