Friday, July 25, 2008

Journeyman Returns!... Well, I Can Dream, Can't I?

I wrote the following email to NBC.
I decided to share it with you and everyone because it's hearfelt and I'm hoping that - maybe - it'll have an effect.

If you haven't heard of a series called Journeyman... you're missing out on some tv that's actually entertaining... Well, at least to those of us with I.Q.'s greater than our shoe sizes.
It contains no graphically-detailed crime scenes or victims, no serial killer scenarios and no homes or islands full of cameras and real, superficial, simple-minded, un-closeted exhibitionists. It contains no 'big, red balls' nor people willing to humiliate themselves on national tv.

It's a thoughtful show about a newspaper reporter and family man living the dream in San Francisco... Until something strange starts happening to him. Suddenly and without warning - he may be walking to his desk at the paper, about to join his wife in bed or driving his car - he finds himself transported back in time. No instructions included. He has to figure it out himself for a while. When he does - it had to do with helping certain people he meets - that's only part of the story. Not only does he have to try to understand these experiences, he has to try to explain them to his beloved wife... and then there's his brother - a cop - who believes him to be losing his mind. Oh... his dead fiance begins to show up on his 'trips'.

Needless to say, I'm trying to offer a reader's digest version here.
I encourage you to check it out for yourselves. It truly is a well-written show with characters that are multi-dimensional and interesting storylines in each episode. And The City is a gorgeous character herself.
I believe you can see the entire series on NBC's website or at


A Soul-filled Request for Journeyman's Return
Sunday, June 22nd, 2008, 8:25 pm

An Open Letter To NBC/NBC.COM:

Dear NBC/
Let me offer my sincerest congratulations for greenlighting the Journeyman series in the first place.
It's a wonderfully rich program with interesting characters who are multi-dimensional and genuinely human. The premise of time travel is one that's eternally fascinating to people. Each episode weaves a wonderful path, full of something that I rarely find in television... the element of surprise. With most shows, I've figured out the whole plot within the first five minutes... or less. Journeyman is different. It keeps my attention, it keeps me guessing what will happen next... and asking myself what I would do if I found myself in the same circumstances. The location where the show is shot can't be beat... San Francisco is as enigmatic, mysterious and beautiful a city as could be found anywhere on the planet - a stunning character herself (and I'm not just saying that because I live here!).

That said, I'd like to offer my condolences on hearing the news that you've cancelled Journeyman. And I implore you to please reconsider that decision. Please. The world around all of us is so rich and multi-dimensional and so full of mysteries... I can't tell you what a rare joy it is to find a TV show that reflects this back so well. And I wish you would understand how tragic and disheartening it is when, in a world full of graphically-violent CSI shows and simple-minded, voyeuristic, gray matter killing "reality" or game shows, that a uniquely creative and intriguing show such as Journeyman gets the axe.

I am holding out hope that you reconsider your decision and that you bring back Journeyman.
I hope NBC will take the lead and be the TV Network that provides programming for the thousands of us in the viewing audience who are blessed with above average IQs and a desire for shows that are genuinely entertaining, thought-provoking, fun and surprising.

Please fight against the violence-soaked, dumbing-down programming that saturates the airwaves.
Please bring back Journeyman.

Thank You!
San Francisco, CA

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