Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hey! ! You!! ...The One With The Camera!!
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The following is a Public Service Announcement:
I can appreciate an artistic photograph of an interesting subject as well as the next person.....But...

...If you are taking a picture of a person that you do not know...unless they are indicating their consent by posing for you...ASK THEM FIRST!!

Speaking as a reclusive schizophrenic with a heavy, old-school skateboard nanoseconds away from my a city full of photo-crazy tourists...
Just because you observe someone who is creative enough not to look like everyone else...that does not mean that:
a.) They are doing it for your benefit or amusement.
b.)They want you to take their picture.
c.)They won't break your camera (or something else) if
you take their picture without their express permission.

"Welcome to Kalifornia!!".....Now Go Home!

- This public service annnouncement brought to you by your local neighborhood SK8rGrrl. -

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