Thursday, May 05, 2016

BitchTapes: There Goes the Neighborhood | (Music) Bitch Media (Or... Tech Bros & Condos SUCK!)

Dear Seattle:  Your Brothers and Sisters In San Francisco Feel Your Pain!

"This week's mixtape is curated by Emily Nokes of esteemed Seattle pop punk band Tacocat!

This is...
An Ode to the Practice Spaces, Gay Bars, Weird Businesses, Affordable Housing, and other Long-Lost Treasures that Seattle has lost recently to:

Greyish-beige condos filled with bigots;  Tech jerks terrorizing service workers on the weekend in the very neighborhood they can no longer afford to live in; Queer/arts/ethnically-diverse neighborhoods dissolving into restaurant nightmares; Lavish marijuana shops selling government-approved wares on the same corner folks were busted for (and still doing time for) selling marijuana! 

Cities change and that's a fact. But Seattle musicians aren't going down without writing a bunch of songs about it first."

BitchTapes: There Goes the Neighborhood | Bitch Media: Songs from Seattle musicians calling out gentrification in their neighborhoods, curated by Emily Nokes of Tacocat.

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