Sunday, December 13, 2015

F.Y.I. Paradise, California: It's OPEN SEASON On CIVILIANS? (DashCam Video)

Caught On Police Car Dash-Cam:
(See link to video below)

Paradise, CA:  Piece Of SH*T police officer Patrick Feaster arrives at the scene of a car accident just at the driver is climbing out of the broken window (vehicle had landed on it's side, so window was on top).

He casually un-holsters his service weapon, takes aim... and, then, SHOOTS The ACCIDENT VICTIM In The Neck!  (No Joke. It's On Video.)

Feaster, then, casually re-holsters his service weapon as the accident/shooting victim flops over - like a freaking 5-point buck!

What the video Doesn't Show:
Officer Feaster doesn't report that he'd discharged his weapon to anyone - not to his fellow officers who arrived on the scene, not to medics who arrived and not to his superiors.

11 Minutes pass - with the accident/shooting victim bleeding - before anyone realizes the accident victim has a GUNSHOT WOUND!

(Reports now say, he's alive, but may be paralyzed for life.)

Icing On The "Open Season On Civilians" Cake:Officer Feaster's shooting of the Accident Victim Is Declared "ACCIDENTAL" and Officer Piece of Sh*t is Cleared of ANY Wrongdoing and is still on the job!

(Watch the video (link below) and ask yourself: "Do you feel safer? Well, do you?")

'Accidental'?  No Charges In Police Shooting Of Accident Victim.


This Is To Inform You That:

Police Officers Are Going To Continue MURDERING Unarmed Civilians...

Police Officers Who MURDER Unarmed Civilians KEEP GETTING AWAY IT! 


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