Saturday, September 26, 2015

The U.S. is at War with an Imaginary Islam: Lies, Propaganda and the Real Story of America and the Muslim World!

PLEASE Read This Article.

It's The Truth!  The TRUTH about American Empire-Building / -Expanding / -Maintaining.

And, it's the TRUTH about the absolutely required existence of a malleable THREAT which it demands in order to continue.

They are 2-Sides of the SAME Coin.

They are 1 and the SAME.

"The Islamist Imaginary, unlike Islam itself and political movements of Islamic inspiration, does not exist outside of the imperial interests that shape it.  It has no independent cultural or historical reality, outside its role as predatory threat to Western global-interests.  The American empire, in turn, requires a hostile and threatening enemy, which today takes the form of Islam of its imagination, to realize and rationalize its expansionist project that must remain unacknowledged and unspoken.  The two elements of the imaginary and empire co-evolve.  The needs of a threatened empire as vulnerable victim change over time.  The Islamist Imaginary transforms itself to meet those needs.  Imaginary and empire circle one another in a dance of predator and prey.  Their roles are interchangeable, a clear sign that they are not entirely real. The predator is prey; the prey is predator.  They develop in tandem in a complex process of mutual adaptation.  Boundaries give way between the real and the imagined.  In the end it is the imagined that haunts our imaginations and drives our policies."

We are at war with an imaginary Islam: Lies, propaganda and the real story of America and the Muslim world

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