Sunday, May 13, 2012

On The Road With Mitt: Fiction vs Fact

On The Road With Mitt Romney and his Campaign (*to Fail) Trail:
He won't talk about his super anti-gayness; or his intentions to limit/prohibit access to contraception; or about ending American women's Constitutionally-Protected Freedom Of Choice; or any other Issues O' The Day. What is Mitt miffed about? Over-regulation. Mitt's claim is that President Obama has doubled the number of Federal regulations/regulators and that hurts our economy/business. That's it. That's the centerpiece of Mitt's campaign.

Of course there are countless things to take issue with with a candidate who refuses to discuss the many topical issues of the day. The bigger problem for Mitt is: The single issue he repeatedly campaigns on is just another lie.  Official documentation shows that G.W. Bush initiated more regulations than President Obama.

In other words: President Obama has reduced regulations. Still, Mitt keeps claiming the opposite.  It's a Lie.

Mr. Romney: Please repeat after me:  "Repeating a Lie Doesn't Make It True." "Repeating a Lie Doesn't Make It True." "Repeating a Lie Doesn't Make It True". ....

* Here's a clip from The Rachel Maddow Show that reveals some of the machinations that go on behind the big velvet curtains...

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