Saturday, December 24, 2011

So This Is Christmas... Well, A Rough (Ruff?) Night Before, Anyway...

"Ruff" day for my dog, Jessi.

Dx: Transitional Cell Carcinoma (an inoperable bladder cancer). She'd been doing fine until Friday. She simply wouldn't eat. When she finally did, she threw it all up hours later. Normal behavior, energy, elimination, otherwise.

Today/Saturday/Christmas Eve: Refused favorite food. Eventually, she lapped up a bowl of H2O and then, promptly, threw it all back up (Thankfully, she let me know something was very wrong and I got her out the back door in time). Later, she had some more H2O - I only put a small amount in her bowl, just in case. After she drank it, I immediately sat next to her; talked softly to her; stroked her - in the hope that doing so would help her to keep the water down. Thankfully, it did just that. Yet, she still refused food.

After a good leisurely walk through the Park, doing her business, Jessi took a little nap.

Finally, at about 10:00pm, Jessi got up to drink a little H2O and actually ate a little food.


I'm just making the most of however much longer we have together.

And, Thinking Healing Thoughts, too.

Peace (And Good Health!) to You and those you Love.

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