Sunday, January 10, 2010

An Awesome and Inspiring "Kick-Ass" Movie Trailer...

Happy New Year Everyone!
(It's still January, so I can still say it.)

I just came across something that I wanted to share with you.

It's a trailer for an Awesome Movie titled: "Kick-Ass" (Not to be confused with "jack-ass").

"Kick-Ass" is about a somewhat geeky; not unpopular, just unnoticed (everyday super-power: He "can become completely invisible to girls") high school student who decides to become a Superhero... Superhero costume, Superhero name ("Kick-Ass") and all...

When videos of his crime-fighting exploits go viral on the internet, others are inspired to join him and also become Superheroes, too.

Check it out... I think you'll like it...

Oh My Gawd -
I think Kick-Ass looks Freakin Awesome!

But, what to do until it hits theaters...

Perhaps I'll create a secret alter-ego... have some costumes made... join Real-Life Super(s)heroes... and Fight 'Real Crime'*!

*Which, of course - by definition- Does Not include perpetually pursuing, jacking-up & harassing the homeless.

If I do this... it'll be our little Secret.




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