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Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman Received Over $165,000 In Disability.

(Getty/ABC News)

O.K. ...O.K. ...

I've held my tongue long enough on this one...

Excuse me for just a moment...

<............!!!!!> - That's the sound of me screaming in absolute horror and utter disbelief.

When I first heard about someone producing Octuplets recently, I was under the mistaken impression that there was a 'happy couple' involved. There isn't. (Nadya Suleman is single and lives with her parents.)

Not that that's absolutely necessary. But, that's not all.

Then, I heard that this Real Life "Octopussy" already has Six small children at home.
Well, they're not at Her Home. They're at her mother's/parent's home. But wait, there's more...

She's also unemployed.

No big deal - so am I...

But - being a sensible, responsible and somewhat sane individual -
I'm Not living with my folks... and I'm certainly NOT spending my time intentionally giving birth to litter after litter of offspring.

Then, it comes out that one of the six at home is Autistic...

... Hold on a minute...

I have a dog. (Just follow along for a moment) I LOVE my dog. I've only learned since taking her in - that being a responsible, caring and worthy dog-owner requires much patience, time, energy, love, planning and... money - to keep her happy and healthy (which she is) and me sane (which I... er)... well, at least a close facsimile.

I bring this up because raising One Child requires all of the same things and Much More.
If you then add several more children, the needs grow exponentially.
Now, imagine that one of the children is a special needs child.

O.K.... I believe that - at this point - an intelligent and sane person would reasonably think, "O.K. My plate is full.
If I add any more to it, things will start to slide and end up on the floor... Kerr-SPLAT!"

Then, I heard that she used invitro-fertilization - in spite of the donor asking her not to use any more of his sperm. Nice.

Then, I heard that her IVF-provider was claiming that only four embryos were implanted... and the four must have all split... As if implanting four made any sense for someone in her position with six kids at (her parent's) home?
Now, the State Medical Board is investigating the M.D., because (now) the number of embryos implanted was six - which is above and beyond the recommended two.

It's recently been revealed that the irresponsible and perhaps mentally ill Mother Hubbard had recieved Over $165,000 in Disability payments between 2002 and 2008 for a "back injury" recieved on-the-job at her former employer...

Which happens to be... Get this... (Somehow, I'm not the least bit surprised)...

A State Mental Hospital!

But, wait... There's more...

Apparently, records show that, although she is listed as starting work there in 1997, most of the time, "... she was unable to work."

Wow!! Someone call Ripley's!

This woman has undergone a Miraculous Recovery!!

She went from (allegedly) being Completely Disabled and Unable To Work and receiving a sizeable Disability payout...
To... Being Healthy and More than Able To Physically Carry To Viability and Birth 14 Children!

How does a 'physically incapacitated' woman whose injury makes it impossible for her to hold any kind of job, suddenly find herself capable of this incredibly physical feat?

Jeez... If her back hurt in 2002... surely she's immobilized by pain now... No, she did that interview sitting upright.

In that first interview, Nadya said (about her most recent IVF implantation), "Yes... I knew what I wanted. I wanted to have kids.".
.... Umm...Hello?...
Nadya?... You already do "have kids"... SIX of them... back at your folks house... Remember?

IMHO, what she's doing is thoroughly reckless, incredibly irresposible, singularly selfish and - for the religious-leaning - Sinful.

(And, I'm not even remarking on the indications that she committed a $165,000 Fraud by collecting disability when she obviously isn't disabled. I'm more concerned about our planet and it's resources.)

If you've studied enough history and biology, you might've learned that civilizations and species who became too numerous for the resources available to support - died out and disappeared.

People of Earth?
You are not Excluded from this Possible Fate.

Trust Me: The Earth Can Survive Us.
But, We Can't Survive without The Earth.

I recently heard that someone in Great Britain has proposed a 2-child limit for couples.
I say, "BRAVO!"

But, based upon the initial negative response from people, I may be 'outnumbered', so to speak.

<.....!> - (That's the sound of Indignant and Ignorant Shite hitting the Fan.)

I happened to catch the women of ABC's "The View" discussing this enlightened 'Two-In-Two-Out' proposal.

One of them remarked that to impose a child limit is "...Un-Constitutional".

No, it is not.

I think one said that such a limit "... goes against Democracy.".

No, it does not.

In A Not-So-Intelligent Design Flaw... Of Great Detriment to Humanity...

Anyone With Working Parts Can Reproduce.

That's All It Takes. Period.

Not Any Other Skills or Abilities are Required.

No Basic Intelligence nor Emotional Intelligence Is Necessary.
No Psychiactric Exam.

No one checks for any issues with Abuse/Being Abused or any Improper Behavior With Children.


We are Required to pass both a written and an actual get-in-the-driver's-seat-and-drive test before we are allowed to obtain a Driver's License.

But, as for obtaining living, breathing, helpless Children...?

Gabba Gabba Hey!... Anything Goes!

... And, boy, does it SUCK.

We don't hesitate to control the populations of other life forms when someone decides: "Well, there's just too many of them.".
If anyone dares to suggest that we Voluntarily Control Our Own Number... People suddenly turn Indignantly Apoplectic

Like I said: Detrimental.

Personally, I have known since earliest memory that I never want to have children.

I've only become more sure of my choice to remain...

Not "Childless"...

But, Ecstatically CHILD-FREE!

And, if I ever changed my mind (not likely) I would adopt a child.



Octuplet Mom Got More Than $165K In Disability

Associated Press Writer

A California agency says it paid the mother of newborn octuplets more than $165,000 in disability payments for an on-the-job back injury. The payments made over six years to Nadya Suleman were disclosed Thursday to The Associated Press following a public records request to the Department of Mental Health. The payments were made between 2002 and 2008, during which time the single mother gave birth to most of her six other children.

Suleman, who gave birth to the octuplets last week, was employed at a state mental health hospital from 1997 until December, when she resigned the position. Records show that for much of that time, however, she was unable to work.

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