Friday, October 24, 2008

San Francisco Irony: A Brutal Thug Promotes Red Cross Volunteering

Last night I was working my room...
It's an ongoing project of mine...
One that's been going on for several years...
I had my TV on, but I wasn't paying it any attention since unconvincing commercials were occupying the airwaves.

Suddenly, a male voice slithers through the speakers - identifying himself by a name that I instantly recognized and will not forget any time soon - completely shattering the peace and quiet of my environment and my mind.

I stopped what I was doing and sharply caught my breath as a flood of images of an unlawful and violent act I had witnessed flashed across my mind's eye. An act of extreme brutality that was committed by the very same crude creep who was now strolling through the streets of San Francisco in a commercial on my TV screen.

The less-than-human being's name: "Gabriel (Gabreal?) Gallreade".

To my complete surprise and growing disgust, 'Officer Gabriel' - as he was known in the neighborhood where he sadistically served - was appearing in and speaking through the commercial.

I was horrified.

I am horrified.

In the ad, as he's seen strolling around various sunny streets as his conversational voice-over describes his being a resident of The City. He describes the beauty of The City. He offers that, "... we need to work together" to keep our City this way. He then claims to be a long-time volunteer for The Red Cross. He then adds, "Who am I? I'm an officer with the SFPD in Ingleside.".

I fight the urge to hurl something heavy at the brute... I don't want to break my TV.

Obviously, the organization who sponsored the ad doesn't know.

Apparently, 'Officer Gabriel' didn't tell them... I'm not surprised.

It's unbelieveably ironic in fact that...

Here was Gabriel Gallreade, the same brutal, pea-brained and large-fisted p.o.s. whom I had witnessed (a few years ago) with my own eyes start cocking his arm back and punching - with a closed fist - the face of a disabled, intoxicated, homeless kid... whose hands were already 'cuffed behind his back and who was not resisting arrest in the slightest... a kid who had committed the unforgiveable terrorist act of burning a ticket that Officer Gabriel had given him a few minutes earlier.

I left my perch to search for my camera to document this vicious crime. By the time I returned, the police van had arrived and blocked my view... Keeping me from seeing the worst of this brutal beating. When I saw photos that were taken of the kid's face shortly after the event, I was speechless. Apparently, Ofc. Gabriel, making full use of the resources at hand, had beaten the corner (metal and concrete) garbage can to death with the kid's face.

If I can remove myself from the images and memories of the event which are seared into my brain... I can almost find some humor in the horror here...

A long-time SFPD Police Officer whom I had witnessed commit a vicious and brutal physical assault on a non-threatening and handcuffed young man (sadly, he's not the first nor the last to do so) is currently the 'poster boy' campaigning for volunteers for The Red Cross.

Yeah, I'm sure he's a long-time contributor to The Red Cross.

I'm also quite sure that he's sent a fair number of homeless people to the hospital over the years.

There was this other time that I observed him one night as he drove the SFPD Van up onto the sidewalk and - as he snarled out commands over the PA system to "Move on! Get out of there!" - he literally chased another homeless man - who was wheelchair-bound - from under the covered shelter of a closed Goodwill store doorway and out into a driving rainstorm.

... Not exactly the personality or quality of character that you'd think The Red Cross would want to be associated with.

Like I said... they must not know.

I think I'll do my civic duty and enlighten them.

From what I observed and was told over the years, Officer Gabriel seemed to get some perverse enjoyment from harassing and abusing the homeless... kids in particular. People who live outdoors are extremely vulnerable. No doors to lock. No family or good neighboors to look out for them. And in a courtroom... who do you really think a judge or jury is likely to side with... a tattooed homeless youth with profanity written on their hand-sewn clothing, who may be in need of a shower and who has a plethora of unpaid 'Unlawful Camping' Tickets? Or a veteran SFPD police officer who volunteers for The Red Cross? Officer Gabriel is a textbook school-yard bully... only now he's been given a nightstick, a handgun and carte blanche.

Shame on You, Officer Gabriel.

I don't know why you consistently treat homeless people like mud on your boots and I don't care.

I saw what you did.

I know what you are.

And I'll take a lie detector test to prove it.

Shame on the SFPD for not kicking you and other brutal nutjobs off of the force.

You're not a role model. Not for The Red Cross. Not for SFPD cadets.

I can see you as a guard at Gitmo though...


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