Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Good-Bye salute to the (reality-challenged) neocon dream (...with my middle finger.)

I'll admit it... a while ago (B-4 I found like minded friends via the 'net)... I was feeling some Anxiety...
I was concerned that those delusional stupor-villains at the PNAC - The Project for the New American Century - (and their allies at Bush, Inc. and elsewhere.) were going to get away with it... With screwing America ("Constitution, what Constitution?), screwing Americans (and adding insult to injury... getting many of our citizenry to go along willingly - thinking themselves patriotic.) and screwing the rest of the world (Invade and Conquer)... Oh yeah, and worsening and speeding up the onset of environmental disasters.

With such a fate to look forward to... I was. not surprisingly, often cynical... occasionally depressed and regularly incredulous at and arguing with the TV news... I couldn't believe how they would just repeat whatever sound-bites the White House fed them, that no one cared to ask obvious and pertinent questions! What happened to "in-depth reporting"? 1984 and Big Brother were alive and kicking... and scheming... and re-writing... and...

Then came The Decider's decision - with premeditation and fabricated justification and with a perpetual parade of political allies who were willing to use and abuse the (imaginary) big, bad, bomb scare (Ahh, the "mushroom cloud" speech.) - to invade and attack Iraq. They told us and the world that it was "pre-emptive" and necessary to stop Hussein from using "WMD" on us. They lied. Some of us knew it to be a foolish fabrication from the start, but far too many believed the lie and the liars. Those ethically bankrupt buffoons believed that if you told a lie often enough... if you pummeled the populace with the lie... the people would eventually accept it as the Truth. Unfortunately, it was partially true in regards to part of the populace. But, the Bushites went overboard... They took that idea and ran with it and expanded on it... Adding the "if you tell the country everything's fine and under control - even when all evidence screams the exact opposite - the people will believe the lie." modification. But, thanks to the FEMA disaster that followed the Katrina disaster... the American people had had begun to see the Truth, in spite of the lie and the united front of smiling and back-patting.

I, myself, prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt, to believe that people are basically good - at heart - and want to do the right thing. And maybe that's what those who supported these assholes were doing. I can appreciate the intention. It would make me feel better than if it was just that they were duped.

I'll admit, I wasn't expecting the turn of events that happened...scandals, elections they couldn't fck up as much (Thanks to the Enlightened electorate questioning/rejecting electronic machines without paper, voting absentee and turning out to vote, period...and more scandals.) ...How things have changed! Wonder of wonders...Bush, himself, FINALLY stopped saying, "...stay the course..." (Maddening, it was.) Hell, the White House spin-man even tried to deny it was ever said/was ever the plan. (Yeah, right. Cue the VCR.) I am and will forever be grateful that the Bushites took deceit to a whole 'nother level. How confident and full of themselves they were to smile at us and say, "Everything's okay." "They aren't as bad as they're being portrayed." (Partially true - sometimes they were worse.) I'm glad that they've refused and still refuse to admit that they are capable of making a mistake, let alone several big ones. ... If "to err is human..." then they must think they aren't human... I know that, over the last few years, I often didn't believe they could be human.

I'm giddy that their massive and the denials and the conceit are all biting them on the asses that they are. Ha! Ha! Ha! Bad neo-cons! Very Bad!


I may even begin to believe in... Nahh.

Cheers to us... All of us... Everywhere.

Here's an interesting little piece. I don't agree with all it infers - I have an eternal/internal belief that is positive. But, it's a fun read.

From: Media Monitors Network

New American Century Set for Disaster Paralleling Third Reich
by Stan Moore
(Monday December 18 2006)

"The New American Century may not even survive to the end of its first decade. It was a bit presumptuous for the neo-cons to believe a New American Century was even possible."

The Bushites thought they had it all figured out. And they thought it would be easy and relatively painless for themselves. Led by a commander-in-chief who was a former combat aviator with the Texas Air National Guard, the U.S. armed forces, with all that combat firepower was going to beat down Saddam Hussein, take Iraq, then move on Iran and Syria, transforming the Middle East into an America-centric oasis of democracy and freedom. The entire oil-producing region of the Persian Gulf and even Central Asia would become controlled by satellites of American hegemony to the benefit of the U.S. economy and to the negating of potential rivals such as China, India, Russia and anyone else who might think they could pose a threat to the New American Century, to be totally dominated by the U.S. with no serious or even potential rivals.

To achieve these lofty goals of democracy and freedom abroad, democracy had to be quietly aborted domestically with election fraud and manipulations needed to put Bush in the White House. From there, it was going to be a cakewalk, like every other magnificent accomplishment President George W. Bush had achieved in his illustrious career in business and government service ...

It was thought to be SO easy that the advice of senior military officials regarding force requirements to take and control Iraq were dismissed by another military genius of the Bush Administration, Donald "Chesty Puller" Rumsfeld, who knew how to win wars in the new century, and that required sending neigh-sayers within the senior military to early retirement in order to enact a program with the best of the remaining "Yes-men" from Tommy Franks down to Peter Pace, with lots of other conspicuously under-performing military "giants" in lead positions along the way. The best performer of the entire military has been General Geoffrey Miller, who did not get personally involved in combat operations but really gave 'em hell in the field of torturing detainees, many of whom were sold into detention for cash rewards.

So, America deposed Saddam Hussein, and with the aid of the Kurdish Peshmurga, actually took Saddam into captivity after a few months and after the sons of Saddam had been killed violently. All these milestones were supposed to result in Iraqi acquiescence to American occupation, but as of December, 2006, the single most desired wish of all Iraqis of all religious sects and cultures is to have a complete withdrawal of all American personnel from their soil. So much for democracy! The will of the people is inconsequential still to the American government and their puppets in the Green Zone.

And it has become clear to anyone free of myopia that there will be no military solution in Iraq for the disaster brought by the Bushites. America cannot win, but could lose catastrophically even in military terms, especially if the Shiites take control of logistics lines foiling an attack on Iran or something similar...

Even adding another few tens of thousands of American troops for a few months will not pacify Iraq, but will result in significantly more American casualties. And the breaking points of the over-stretched American military draws precariously near.

So, what will Bush do? The logical next step from the Bush perspective is to attack Iran. Why? Because Bush cannot see his mistakes -- he believes he is working "God's" will and that God wants American hegemony and control over the world economy and the world's petroleum resources.

So, it appears that the unraveling of the Bush Administration in the last two years of W's presidency may also be the unraveling of the New American Century. The New American Century will not last as long as Hitler's Third Reich, which was supposed to last a millenium, but had maybe ten or twelve strong years before the myopia of that German/Austria commander-in-chief led to disaster and humiliation for a nation and tragedy for the entire world.

Bush' grandfather, Prescott, was a business partner and collaborator with the Third Reich. He was convicted of conspiring with the enemy during wartime. And George W. Bush is leading the powerful U.S. military much as Adolf Hitler led the powerful German military of his time -- to early victory and ultimate disaster.

Bush may very well see the handwriting on the wall. He may feel that if American cannot have the hegemony and strategic control over Persian Gulf oil that no one else will. Maybe he will attempt to wreck the economy of the entire world, destroy the oilfields for a generation or two, and sink the entire ship of modern civilization rather than see prosperity elsewhere but not on native shores. Bush may very well be the apocalyptic president who single-handedly drives America to the rapture where either God will rescue the faithful or they will drown like rats from a sinking ship.

The only thing missing in this sordid scenario is the perspective of the great political writer, Hunter Thompson, who unfortunately died and had his remains fired from a cannon in public celebration and therefore has not been able to witness and document the unraveling of the American civilization he once lived on the edge of.

The New American Century may not even survive to the end of its first decade. It was a bit presumptuous for the neo-cons to believe a New American Century was even possible. These are the same people who sent Republican kids straight out of college to the Green Zone to run the Iraqi stock market and banking system, and who to this day have about six skilled Arabic translators in the entire Green Zone. They are a bit "reality-challenged" and incompetent would be far too kind a word to describe the resulting tragedy and havoc they have wrought.

The Democrats complain a bit now, but only on tactics, not strategy, and they will be unable to resurrect the failed state they were complicit in ruining.

If only Al Gore had not stolen the votes needed to put Ralph Nader in the White House in 2004, we might have stood a chance.


by courtesy & © 2006 Stan Moore

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